ILUVIEN® is administered in the office setting using a specially designed applicator

The ILUVIEN CONTINUOUS MICRODOSING™ Delivery implant is inserted into the vitreous cavity via a 25-gauge needle

  • Each implant contains 0.19 mg fluocinolone acetonide (FAc)
  • Engineered to provide a submicrogram release at an initial rate of 0.25 µg/day lasting 36 months1
  • Each sterile, single-use, preloaded custom applicator is packaged in a sealed tray that should be stored at room temperature between 59oF and 86oF
Watch the ILUVIEN CONTINUOUS MICRODOSING™ Delivery System mechanism of action video


Step by step guide to administering ILUVIEN, including preparation, insertion procedure, and implant placement.

Watch the ILUVIEN administration video

For complete information regarding ILUVIEN administration, please refer to:

Full Prescribing Information (PDF)

Administration Guide (PDF)

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