Real-world data on ILUVIEN® (fluocinolone acetonide intravitreal implant) 0.19 mg

Video series featuring Hyung Cho, MD

Dr. Hyung Cho, MD, chose ILUVIEN for his patient with diabetic macular edema after she struggled with persistent edema and repeated injections. Find out why he recommends ILUVIEN as an earlier treatment and how it helped to control the recurrence of edema and improved the visual acuity in his patient.

Controlling the recurrence of edema: Patient case study by Hyung Cho, MD

Video series featuring Nancy Holekamp, MD

Nancy Holekamp, MD presents a 3 year ILUVIEN patient case study showcasing her reasons for selecting ILUVIEN and the impact she’s seen on the patient’s outcomes.

3 year ILUVIEN patient case study by Nancy Holekamp, MD

Video Series Featuring Dilsher Dhoot, MD

Dr. Dilsher Dhoot, of California Retina Consultants, shares a diabetic macular edema (DME) case study & his reasons for injecting a second ILUVIEN after 3 years.

2nd ILUVIEN treatment after 3 years: Patient case study by Dr. Dilsher Dhoot

Video Series Featuring Daniel Kiernan, MD

Daniel Kiernan, MD discusses how he incorporates ILUVIEN into his practice when treating patients with persistent DME.

Treating persistent diabetic macular edema presentation by Daniel Kiernan, MD

Video Series Featuring Caesar Luo, MD

Caesar Luo, MD of Bay Area Retina Associates presents the impact of ILUVIEN on a monocular patient’s visual acuity and edema.

Monocular patient case study presentation by Caesar Luo, MD

Video Series Featuring Jessica McCluskey, MD

Jessica McCluskey, MD of Thomas Eye Group presents data from our Phase 3 (FAME) clinical trials of ILUVIEN. Learn what impact ILUVIEN had on retinal thickness, visual acuity, and how it releases fluocinolone acetonide for the treatment of DME for up to 36 months.

Featuring ILUVIEN Phase 3 Clinical Trial Data presentation by Jessica McCluskey, MD

Video Series Featuring Veeral Sheth, MD

Dr. Sheth shares details of an ILUVIEN patient case study showcasing clinical impact on visual acuity, edema, and treatment frequency.

See how Dr. Sheth uses ILUVIEN

Video Series Featuring Dilsher Dhoot, MD

Dr. Dhoot presents outcomes of real-world clinical data with ILUVIEN from the retrospective USER Study.

Watch Dr. Dhoot present USER data