Ordering ILUVIEN

To order ILUVIEN, contact your distributor today.

Besse Medical Ophthalmology
1 888 767 7123 | View Besse online catalog
ILUVIEN Order No. 44083

McKesson Specialty Health
1 855 477 9800 | View McKesson’s Ophthalmology site
ILUVIEN Order No. 5004970

Veterans Administration Drug Acquisition:
McKesson Plasma and Biologics LLC
Phone Orders: 877-625-2566
Fax Orders: 888-752-7626
Email: mpborders@McKesson.com
Online: Connect.McKesson.com
ILUVIEN Order No. 3428968

Department of Defense Drug Acquisition:
DMS Pharmaceutical Group, Inc.
(Accessible through DoD web portal)1

Product Return and Replacement

Alimera Sciences will replace product that is not usable at no charge.

Contact AccessPlus. They will obtain the information needed to initiate the product replacement request. You will return the unusable product to Alimera Sciences using the shipping label provided during the replacement request process.

For return and replacement of expired product:
Complete the ILUVIEN Expired Product Replacement Request Form and fax or email it to AccessPlus.

Phone: 1 844 445 8843, Option 4
Fax Number: 1 404 529 4676
Email: customerservice@alimerasciences.com

Expired Product Replacement Request Form